Health Talks are organized in collaboration with I Help NGO, supported by “Health Talk” EU Solidarity project.

Bela Grundmann turned from a professional athlete into a passionate Zumba instructor and salsa dancer. Today he teaches several class formats as a sport and fitness coach. His preferred segment group is children age 5-10, therefore his focus is on healthy lifestyle education in school environment and at the family. Bela has experience in large scale event management, fitness instructor education, mentoring and effective usage of digital technologies.

A health event is a 30 – 60 minutes presentation and Q&A about healthy lifestyle: nutrition, exercise and choosing the right supplements. Can be in person or by ZOOM.

A health weekend will happen in you city. It can be one or more health events in different locations extended with Zumba and fitness classes presented by Bela together with local instructors. Following exercising we go and eat out together and join to salsa parties. The aim is to build personal connection, inspire participants to give priority to their health and provide them tools that they can use in their daily life to improve their lifestyle habits.

As follow up of the health events and weekends participants will have access to digital continuing education systems and regular ZOOM webinars.